All kids love the cool-looking robots they see in movies and TV. Now your child can own some of the techno-magic of an interactive robot all their own. This RC robot from ROKKES includes a 20-function infrared remote control that can make the robot step or slide forward and back, turn left or right, play music, songs or "machine language while dancing, and lots more. Additionally, the robot responds to hand gestures, turning left or right when you wave your hand in that direction near it, moving forward when you beckon it, and backward when you make a pushing gesture. Another great feature is programability. After pressing the "Program" button on the remote, you can key in a series of commands, like step forward three times, turn left, step backwards twice -- up to 60 commands. Then press "Program" again, and the robot will go through all the commands that were keyed in. This is a great way for youngsters to get an early understanding of what it means to program a machine. Add to this the songs and tunes the robot can play and dance to, plus the science facts and "good habits" tips it can recite, and you've got a terrific multi-function toy that will keep kids engaged, learning, and entertained indefinitely. This ROKKES product is sold with an unconditional four-month money-back guarantee, plus a one-year repair or replacement guarantee. If you're dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact us for a refund, replacement or repair.

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